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Aug 20 18

Faith Restorations Inc.


David Brailey, Executive Director
Janet Chalmers, President
Candice McMunn, Vice President

The crowds gather every Tuesday evening from 6 pm to 8 pm and Thursday from 11 am to 1 pm, many arrive over 1 hour early. People driving by wonder what is going on. The parking lot is full of cars, some people take the bus and are dropped of ¼ mile down the road to be there. What is drawing the crowds. Faith Restorations Inc. just relocated its food pantry to Center Twp. in Beaver County Pa.

Faith Restorations Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focus’ on helping active military and veterans in need of home repairs and food. Six years ago we opened our doors to all in need of food once we realized how great the need was.

Hunger is an issue in Beaver County and nation wide. According to the Pittsburgh Food Bank, Beaver County has 22,310 people not knowing where their next meal is coming from day to day, of that 6,860 are children, 2581 are senior citizens and veterans having to make the choice between buying their medicine or eating. Some parents will skip meals so that their children can eat. Many school age children rely on the school breakfast and lunch programs to get food. Since Faith Restoration Inc. food pantry opened on the second week in June 2018, the food pantry has seen an increase of needy people enrolling in the food program. In a five week period the number of new people enrolling grew over 194. It has continued to grow at a rate of 25 new people every week. Presently we are distributing food to nearly 1200 people per month. Faith Restorations Inc. food pantry also help supply other organizations and smaller food pantries throughout the county.

The pantry itself is set up like a grocery store and strives to give the recipients the ability to put a bit of control back into their hands. They get to choose the items that are needed for THEIR family including meats, dairy, produce, pantry, and other household items like toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, and other items when available.
Many of the people that volunteer at the food pantry were helped during their worst time in their lives. Candice McMunn who is now the vice president of the organization tells her story.

“My husband spent 14 years active duty serving his country. It was not our plan to go from active duty to reserves by any means. We found our self’s in a different world and struggling to make ends meet. My husband could not find a job and with three kids we found ourselves behind on bills and unable to put food on the table. A friend knew how bad we were struggling and told us to go to Faith Restorations, Inc. The night I went to Faith Restorations food pantry my life was changed. I was so humbled by the amount of food we were given, and the uplifting provided by the people who were helping to distribute the food. I left with enough food to feed my kids for the first time in 6 months. I went home and cried, the understanding that someone cared about our family made me realize that I needed to give back. When we got on our feet I started volunteering at the pantry. My husband will do the pickups when he has time off and I help with what I can when my schedule allows. Faith Restorations, Inc. has helped us in more ways than providing us with food, they have become our family. They uplift us when it is needed and call us to make sure we are ok.”

As you can see, a donation to Faith Restorations, Inc. makes a huge impact because no one in the organization collects a paycheck. Every dollar that is raised is going directly towards helping the pantry and the families that are so desperate for food. We have many volunteers that help keep our shelves stocked, distribution run, store donations picked up, and so much more. Your donation will help us keep fuel in our box truck, pay our utility bills and most importantly keep us going so that we can continue to serve the families in our county that are in true need of help. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter and help us to make the difference in our community. For more information please go to out internet site.

Upcoming Events:
*Flea Market – August 25th and September 29th Faith Restorations Parking Lot
*Fall Golf Scramble- September 28th at Blackhawk Golf Course


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