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Business & Industry

Review. Analyze. Compare.  Beaver County is the Right Choice.

Relocating or expanding a business requires strategic decision making.  And the best decisions are backed by data. Cold hard facts.

We’re confident that when you look at all the facts – demographics, proximity to markets, affordable housing, culture and quality of life, workforce assets and development support – Beaver County is the right choice.

Perhaps that’s why – throughout its history – Beaver County has been home to some of the nation’s leading businesses.


By the Numbers

To help you make an informed choice, our partners at the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, have developed a comprehensive Data on Demand tool that will allow you to review category tables or a customized report in seconds.

Data includes:

  • Regional overview
  • Demographics
  • Geographic profiles
  • Strategic location
  • Business presence
  • Support services
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Workforce profiles
  • Wage data
  • Education and training
  • Transportation
  • Energy, Utilities & Telecom
  • Quality of life
  • Incentives

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We’re Ready to Work. For You.

The Beaver County Partnership for Community and Economic Development stands ready to put our local resources and the economic development resources of the Commonwealth and region to work for you.
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