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Jun 5 18

A Special Day for Caring

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The Annual Day of Caring coordinated by the United Way of Beaver County is a community event that highlights the kinds of work that goes on all over our county for the remaining 364 days of the year.

Each year well over 100 volunteers provide love and labor throughout Beaver County. Dozens of non-profits provide crews of local professionals performing a wide range of activities that the organizations may have little time, staff or funds to perform on their normal schedules.

Work includes grass cutting, painting, light electrical repairs, food pantry organizing. Some volunteers visit local nursing homes to provide activities such as Bingo and nail painting. Others help to prepare mailings and assist in preparing for upcoming fundraisers.

Everyone involved receives much joy and satisfaction in giving something back to their community.

The Day of Caring also gives the business community some team bonding opportunity both within the organizations and also ass they meet other Beaver County companies that they may otherwise never meet.

However the real winners are the non-profit agencies and their clients.  The United Way of Beaver County has been helping individuals in our communities since 1960. Over 100 local charities have received funds and other forms of assistance through local giving.

Executive Director, Mike Rubino says “The people of Beaver County have a strong history of caring for their neighbor”. “The United Way of Beaver County is an efficient way to funnel that help to those in need and help the broad range of charities working to lift everyone to a better quality of life”

Visit to learn more our work and how you can help!

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